The Street Fighter...
By SiddiquiY
  • Teen Fiction
  • action
  • badass
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • competition
  • death
  • discovery
  • gangleader
  • gangs
  • life
  • mature
  • mystery
  • romance
  • school
  • secret
  • streetfighter
  • texttospeech


Dominic is a girl with a secret alter-ego. After school, she moonlights as a notorious street fighter, The Mysterious Demon, known for her ruthless victories in the ring. But when the new kid Nickolas and the rest of his gang meet Dominic in class, they don't think she's anything special. Nickolas begins to bully her- like he would any other classmate that doesn't seem to know her place. But when their gang finds itself in desperate need of some muscle, they set their sights on the Mysterious Demon, unaware that she's the very girl they torment at school. Can Dominic possibly agree to work with her schoolyard nemesis? Will Nickolas take no for an answer? The only way to find out is letting the fights begin.

First Encounter With Him

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The Stree...
by SiddiquiY