I Survived Them (Un...
By Space-Weaver
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Yes, this is yet another Predator Fanfiction. (If you enjoy a good book that's a something a little "different" than your average story, I believe you have found your choice of poison...) [Highest Rank: No. 1 in the #yautja tag.] Our story begins with Eden Forakre. A nearly 16 year old human girl from the year 1987. She saw the blockbuster "Predator" after it came out in theaters for the very first time. The exact same night, Eden's father is framed for murder, and her life falls apart before her very eyes. After that, she runs away, hoping to find a better home. Then, in the forest, she hears a round of inhuman clicks and snarls. Next she--...Well you can probably guess who Eden thought that was. After abduction, Eden must live through the trials and challenges presented by the Yautja themselves. More specifically, a certain "him"... I could go further with the description, but I don't want to spoil anything. I guess you're going to have to read the book to find out what happens! Enjoy! (Continued in Surviving the Jungle) I do not own anything of this franchise, except for my characters. URGENT NEWS: This book is currently being rewritten. Details of certain chapters will be misaligned and out of place until everything is complete. I hope you enjoy the revamped edition of I Survived Them! Cover made by me using Pixlr and Wattpad Covers App

June 12, 1987

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I Survive...
by Space-Weaver