Bad Boys Also Cry (...
By Suspicious_Minds
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Diego Vance is the only son to the wealthiest and most important man in his town. He could have anything he ever wished for in his fingertips, but at what cost? His careless mother would rather be in fashion shows in Paris than spend any time with her only son, while his father is too occupied with important issues that involve expensive trips all around the world. So what does a lonely teenage boy do? Rebel. Diego releases his frustration and anger by getting into trouble and breaking his family's pricey vases without a single care. Unfortunately Diego gets grounded for one of his mischievous actions and is forced to stay home, so he decides to take a tour of the 'servant area', where all the housekeepers eat and sleep. That's where he meets a timid boy with a stuttering problem that seems to get his attention... *********************************** Warning: There will be violence, gore, offensive language, sexual encounters, attempted rape, etc., please read with caution. Note: This story will have some grammar and other errors so please don't comment the obvious. Beautiful cover done by @AEBauer!


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Bad Boys...
by Suspicious_Minds