Alpha Raven ✔
By SmashingInnocence
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Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entranced by the Alphas beauty I didn't the notice the foot in front of me. Within a second I tripped over the foot, causing the cake to fly right out of my hands. I managed to keep my balance, but I couldn't ignore the gasps from around the room, and the inhuman growl from in front of me. Hesitantly looking up, a shocked gasp left my mouth. The Alphas venomous gaze was fixed on me. He growled once more making me jump back two steps. Too focused on the door, I was shocked when the Alpha pushed me against the wall, pinning my hands above my head. His face was still covered with cake but he's bloodshot eyes could be seen from a mile away. **************** Alicia Faye. A girl with an extraordinary personality. She's confident yet socially awkward , has good manners and when she walks into a room she's a breath of fresh air. She doesn't care if a person is wealthy, middle-class or poor and treats all the people in her life with the same respect and care. Even though she has the biggest secret known to the werewolf kingdom resting on her shoulders, she always smiles. Unable to make new friends in the fear of losing her secret she stays to herself, only speaking up when she needs to put someone in their place. Asher Raven. An Alpha with an enigmatic personality. He's feared yet no one has heard a word from him. He ignores every living organism and when he walks into the room, it's a sign for everyone to leave. He respects all his pack members no matter their social status. He has never been caught smiling since what happened. Ever. What happens when Alicia Faye meets Asher Raven? What happens when Asher Raven meets Alicia Faye?


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Alpha Rav...
by SmashingInnocence