A Rainbow in the As...
By Kitcc14
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Miko Suzuki is obsessed with anime and manga, but not just any anime and manga, but Assassination classroom which she's even cos-played for a few times. After finishing the latest chapter of Assassination classroom Miko fell asleep holding her lucky Korosensei key ring charm as her once brown but was dyed rainbow hair sprawled across the floor. Instead of waking up to a annoyed Mum banging a metal pan to her ear, there were unfamiliar but so familiar voices waking her up. "She awake!" "Seriously?!" "Hey, we shouldn't crowd around her to much!" "Korosensei we think she's awake now you need to hide!" With the words Korosensei Miko's eyes shot open to a room of people staring at her as she got out her chair and backed away making them all look at her. A blue haired boy, a green haired girl and a red headed boy all stepped forward. "N-no way!?!!" ****************************************************************************************** Did you like it? Hope so! That was a part from the prologue and basically Miko loves Assassination classroom and she was reading chapter 149 before going to bed because it was the latest chapter at the time and yes I know that there are much more chapters then that now but still. She tries not to change the story but they start to get suspicious of her but ignore it for a while. Assassination classroom in owned by YĆ«sei Matsui. My oc character is Miko Suzuki and her character is owned by me along with all the drawings in this book. Front cover also made by me.


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A Rainbow...
by Kitcc14