Love, The Joker [Se...
By IAmTheGoddamnWalrus
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“What’s this?” Jace asked, bending down to pick up a piece of paper that had drifted to the floor. I watched in cold, numb fear as Jace unfolded and read the paper. His face went pale and my stomach clenched. He swallowed and handed me the piece of paper. I took it in my shaky hands. A heavy wave of terror crashed over me as I read the messy and slightly familiar handwriting. Dear “Batman” and “Robin”, I see that you enjoy comics and roleplaying. Well, so do I. So let me give your family all the different roles from the Batman comics. Maxxie, you’re Batman. Jace, you’re the first Robin, you know, the one that grows up into Nightwing. And your son, well he’s the second Robin. All of your characters live in the end—except for the second Robin. And who killed him? Well, the Joker of course. Don’t worry, though, I won’t kill your son. Not yet, at least. But I will keep him with me in my hidden location. If you want him back you’ll have to follow a series of clues I’ll leave you. The first clue is in your son’s crib—go look, and good luck. And boys, one question: Why so serious? --The Joker

Love, The Joker [Sequel to I Like Your Batman Underwear]-{BoyxBoy}

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Love, The...
by IAmTheGoddamnWalrus