Damien and Juliet
By Lillrah
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#22 in lonely (17.10.19) "Our story has a tragic ending and this, dear Juliet, is it. This is when the curtain closes." Damien and Juliet are as different as two people could possibly be. He's opinionated and she's unable to speak her mind. He despises everything while she gives it all a chance. He's a Werewolf and she's a Human. And so naturally, they're bound to each other for the rest of their lives. To rescue her closest friend, Juliet is forced to accept and adapt to a world far more dangerous and unforgiving than the one she's lived in for so long. No longer safe in the place that once was her sanctuary, her only chance at survival is to join the Hunters -a society aiming to protect all Supernaturals from the outside world and from themselves However, unknown to Juliet or the inhuman creatures she's befriended, there are some who are looking to take something far worse than her strange, complicated life. They're looking to take her freedom.

C1| Kidnapping

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Damien an...
by Lillrah