Born To Kill - Book...
By GrissyQuinn
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"Lesson one. Never cross Alexander Valentino" I pressed on one of the knives in his hand. "Lesson two. Never call me Princess!" with that I gracefully cut his throat with my katana. His throat instantly started bleeding . Making the sounds of Santini drowning in his own blood, fill the room. "Remind me to never call you princess" Angelo said placing his gun away. "Never call me princess" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The moment she turned 18, Skylar Diamond was broken beyond repair by her own father. Tortured and trained in a facility to kill on command with no regrets or remorse. In seven years she became one of the most feared female assassins in the world. Her name captures the attention of a very powerful man. She gets recruited by Alexander Valentino, a most respected Mafia boss in New York City. She will help him fight a war against his enemy, but will he help her against her own war against her inner demons? Will her broken soul survive or will it shatter completely beyond repair? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story cannot be copied or distributed in any way!

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Born To K...
by GrissyQuinn