Blind Royalty
By Lutresaint
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Prince Elijah Malavita He was the beast in wars with his ruthless abilities and a heartless attitude. He was void of emotions except his permanent cold exterior He is truly a mystery as he was in the shadows but always shining with the throne Sarah Haynes She was a sweet, naive and innocent small girl. An accident costing her sight but never loosing her light . A ray of sunshine she is, everyone can see that but her ••• "Stop it eli" she cupped his face and leaned her forehead against his "I'm alright but you're hurting me by doing this" He became tensed as she said those "they hurt you" he gritted out with his fist clenched, trying to suppress his anger "I want to go home, our home" she mumbled softly He pulled her to him and took a deep breath of her calming scent then he felt soft lips pressed on his cheek , his anger faded away "let's go home" ••• The heartless Prince did have a heart, it was her.


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Blind Roy...
by Lutresaint