Alpha's Wild Mate
By Fudgeechic
  • Werewolf
  • alpha
  • assassin
  • badass
  • fiction
  • hunter
  • king
  • mate
  • romance
  • strong
  • wild


Meet Anne Blodwedd since the day she was born she's been a rogue. Though she is not one of your ordinary rogue, first her bubbly personality and baby face makes her look like a 16 year old child despite her being in the age of 21. Second even through all the dark years she's been through, her innocence is still well stuck with her. But her being a rogue, fighting and killing people couldn't be avoided. In the dark side of the mythical world she lives in, she is known as Garvan the most feared assassin who kills anyone or anything in a blink of an eye.She has two skilled comrade that helps her finish their missions skillfully. Anne never thought she would meet her mate in one of heir mission. And her mate being the most feared alpha in the mythical world. Alpha of the Red Moon Pack. Alpha Bruce. ****** Warning: This book contains adult contents and only available for 15 years above. Read at your own risk! ON HOLD


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Alpha's W...
by Fudgeechic