Ramona Park Legend
By GenHope
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leg·end 1. a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated. 2. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. When you look at Marcel Young (Vince Staples) you see an average height, slim, black male. He doesn't look like much and not intimidating at all. He has the average eye deceived. You're used to the big statured, tattooed thugs who sound like a living legend, but don't be fooled. Go to Ramona Park and you'll hear the stories. When you're from North side Long Beach and rep 2n Gangster Crips, you're gonna have some stories. Legendary shit. He's a legend in his own right and it's for more than the bad. But that's what keeps coming back to bite him in the ass especially when Matika (Lauren London) comes into his life. Karma is a bitch, right? Journey through the life of Marcel as he balances a courtship with Matika, family ties with Joey, friendship with Char and a relationship with enemies & death. Meet the Ramona Park Legend... *If you are ignorant & childish especially when it comes to looks DO NOT read this. I'm learning people on this app are way entirely too superficial. You've been brainwashed to think every character should be gods/goddesses. This isn't make believe. This is real life & in real life there are regular ass people. Not everybody looks the same or up to your standards. Continuous negative comments will get you muted.*


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Ramona Pa...
by GenHope