Young But Strong |A...
By lillisoccer1213
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A new greenie is sent to the maze. When the boys open the box expecting to see just an ordinary greenie. But they see a girl, not only that she's a girl but a young girl, Lily. The boys don't know what to do with her, Alby says to treat her like a normal glader. But that's kind of hard when she is better than all of them combined, at every single job. She's not a normal girl though. She is as strong as all of the boys. But the day she decides she wants to become a runner, is not what they've hoped for. With a scream that is so loud it could make ones head explode, she is way more valuable to WICKED then she thinks. *** Finally I opened my mouth and let the scream out. My ears naturally cutting off so I don't damage them. The tin can crinkled and shook until it bursted letting shreds of metal fly through the room. The lights flickered as I watched the mirror dent in the middle until it cracked, the crack traveling from the middle out to the corners until it shattered into a billion pieces reveling the man and other workers in front of computers that started to crack as well and eventually shatter, they all put there hands over their ears as my scream ripped through the whole where the mirror used to be. *** WARNING: This contains mild langue, violence, and gore.

Chapter 1| Waking in the Dark

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Young But...
by lillisoccer1213