The Infamous Star...
By sakshilouis
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Our trio Louis, Niall, Harry have come along long way on the decision of forming a music band overcoming college rivalries, social obstacles and personal downs. The process of formation of the band needs few new faces and hence Liam and Zayn come into play. What happens when strong bonds start drifting apart with time and past comes back harder with the purpose of ruining everything? They do make new friends in the journey, find more about responsibilities, grow as individuals but things seem difficult when hating is more easier than loving could ever be. Meanwhile when Harry is having best time of his life with Sarah, Niall has fallen head over heels for Ellie and Louis is just up for his never ending love hate relationship with Allison. Does entry of new characters creates trouble in paradise? Are they able to achieve what they want? Read to find out:D #onedirection Highest Ranking: #415 in fanfic


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The Infam...
by sakshilouis