Sometimes They Win...
By UnmotivatedButTrying
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Monsters are real Demons are too. There always there, Trying to get you. They're not in the woods, Or under your bed. They sleep in your mind, They reside in your head. You can't win but you can fight, Try to survive, It's your only right. Sooner or later it will end. Who will be the winner? That will depend, On how strong you are. Not everyone lives, Through the constant war. Demons are real. I know it's a sin, But no matter your strength, They always win. My name is Persephone Jackson. After the war with Gaea, I haven't been the same. Andrew (male Annabeth) seems different towards me. I feel like we aren't the couple we were before that excruciating final battle. I will go back home to my 'normal' life for the school year. How does my long lost uncle fit into this and who is he? Everyone seems to know who he is, except me. His name is Tony Stark... FULL DETAILED SUMMARY INSIDE I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON OR THE AVENGERS.

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by UnmotivatedButTrying