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~pt. 1 in bts series~ {au} Hoseok Jung was full of hope since he was born, earning him the nickname 'Hope' at the age of two. Hoseok Jung was full of happiness since the day Taehyung Kim entered his life at the age of six. Hoseok Jung was no longer happy the day that his only friend left him alone in a world that seemed to only get smaller and smaller. Then the day happens that he feels he needs to leave this world any way he can. Trying only got him a brutal stomach pump and a room reserved just for him at the Hartgrove Behavioral Health System. His nickname becomes so painfully ironic to the point that Hoseok wants to forget he ever had it...that is before Jimin had any say in it. No one really knows why he's there (other than the officials) but he is and he's determined to prove to Hoseok that he can have his nickname back. Step by step, Jimin takes the plunge and forces Hoseok with him. A little hesitant at first, Hoseok discovers slowly that maybe, just maybe, life isn't making him stick around to just make him suffer. Maybe, there's a bigger purpose. The question is, though, can Hoseok realize it soon enough? WARNING: This book will contain themes that may be sensitive to some including: death, overdose, talk of suicide, a handful of mental illnesses {depression, eating disorders, etc}, and mental institutions. The book will be centered and take place at a mental institution. If this in any way triggers or upsets you, I'd recommend you do not read this. Text Copyright © jiminieminmouse™ 2016


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