Trouble High(BWWM)
By writerforfun2
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He shrugged, "There is nothing wrong with whatever was about to happen," he said with a knowing smile. "Why are you smiling, I already said nothing was about to...." He raised his hand in a dismissive wave. "You don't have to explain anything; I'm not your boyfriend." "I never said you were," I replied. Who the heck was this guy, His voice seemed familiar, but I don't think I've ever seen him at our school? "Who are you anyway," I asked out of curiosity. Aliyah doesn't know what to do. Her new friend is the girlfriend of the guy she has liked since she was in middle school. But then there is another guy she seems to be crushing on; he is her coworker at the hospital she works at as a co-op student. what happens when she discovers that he is from a rival school. Cade Miller is Anderson high school's basketball star. He has the charms to woo any girl he wants, well except for his ex-girlfriend who just left him for a soccer player. But then Cade meets Aliyah, A girl he enjoys spending his time with; then Cade discovers that she is a student at Brock James High, a school that he hates with all his heart. Would Aliyah and Cade follow what their hearts want? Or would they stand by their schools and fight each other as rivals? Ranking Teen fiction. 294 on November 16, 2017

Chapter One

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Trouble H...
by writerforfun2