ON HOLD| Hope Found...
By Queen_Xcx
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Tasia Villard is a fifteen year old girl without a mother. Her mother decided to just pack up her things and leave, leaving Tasia and her little brother Bradley confused and hurt. Tasia now struggles to find her identity, and longs to meet her mother. She wants to know why she was abandoned. She wants to know where she went wrong. DeSean isn't any different. Abandoned by his father before he could even walk, DeSean feels bitter towards him, and does everything he can to get his mind off of him. Even if that means drinking underage, or having sex. He feels that all those things will take his father out of his mind, and he feels tough by doing them, but is he really? Are all the dumb acts worth the safety of his mother, his baby sister, and possibly him? Asia's situation is much different though. Her mother and father are newly divorced, and now her mom is married to a rich real estate agent. Asia doesn't feel very comfortable near her new stepdad, as he often tries to control her mother. He also verbally abuses Asia, and he even tries rape her. Asia doesn't know where to run, or where to hide. Who can she tell? And last but not least, there is Jenna. Queen B. She's the most popular girl in the tenth, and even eleventh grades. It may seem like Jenna has it all, but she really doesn't. She has no say in her life whatsoever at home. She can't express herself the right way. Her mother has great plans for her-to be in the olympics-and she doesn't want that. How can she break that to her mother? What will she do or say? Go on a journey with these four main characters, their friends, and their families. Will there be a change? Will hope really be found? PLEASE NOTE 1) graphic content 2) trigger warnings 3) violence Keep in mind that this story and its characters are based on my life story. Certain things are fact, certain things are fiction.


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by Queen_Xcx