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By Princess_arielanne
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A dark action, romance Mermaid, Vampire fantasy Novel. * Everyone has heard of the tale of The Little Mermaid. About a young curious girl who wanted to see the human world. About an over protective father who hated the land dwellers with every part of his being. And a handsome prince the young girl saves and falls in love with. What if the witch didn't just take away the mermaids voice? What if the Prince wasn't even the Charming human she thought he was? Where do you think the story would go now? We rebel and these rebellions make a difference. If only our dear mermaid knew who she fell in love with and read the small prints of the witch's contract. Say hello to The Little Mermaid: Ariel's retelling. This is The Tricked Mermaid: It All Started With A Vampire.

The Little Siren

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(hold) Th...
by Princess_arielanne