Mr.Beast vs Ms.Fake...
By TunesOfHeart
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Follow the edited and improvised version on Ficfun now. Winner of #RBLS season 2(Romantic Rhapsodies) Winner of Wordzmith Awards( Mystery/Thriller) Highest Ranking #2 in Chicklit. Highest Ranking #20 in Romance. "What the hell is your fucking problem, you beast! Stop dragging me like you own me!" She yelled, freeing her wrist from his while he shot daggers at her. "Get the hell out of here and don't you dare show me your face until I want you to, you slut!" He yelled angrily, not even caring what endearment he used for her. The moment his words entered her ears, her hand raised on its own and... SLAP! ****************** What is the definition of a beast for you? A devil who might just kill you without even giving you a chance to explain. He solely lives to suck your blood and cause you pain. Now what is a fake for you? Someone hiding behind a charade to hide their real intentions. Intentions that might cause destruction. Now meet the Mr. Beast and Ms. Fake of this book through their Romantic, Mysterious and thrilling journey and explore the real definitions, of the two, which might change your opinion completely about the two words. Neither a sex book nor a abusive book, but something more deeper and hard which might reveal you the harsh cruelty of this sinister world. Copyright©Neha 2016.


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