FIRSTS Stories: The...
By LaurieElizabethFlynn
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You've heard her side of the story. And now... you'll hear theirs. They're the guys who contacted Mercedes Ayres for one reason: To lose their virginity. Maybe they heard a rumor about her services. Maybe a friend told them. Or maybe they found out by accident. Some of them are nervous and want to make sure their girlfriends have the perfect first time. Some of them don't know what they're getting into. And some of them want to find out exactly how far a lie will get them. In this series, you'll get to know the story behind each of the guys who get into Mercedes' bedroom. Tommy Hudson, the boy in a long-term relationship who unintentionally starts the whole thing. Nerdy Evan Brown, who just wants to rock his girlfriend's world. Chase Redgrave, whose actions definitely don't speak louder than words. Handsome Orlando, who might be hiding his true intentions behind a killer smile. And everyone in between. What happens in Mercedes' bedroom is supposed to stay there. But these guys are about to find out that it might be harder to keep the secret than they ever thought possible. Ten virgins. Ten stories. Ten weeks. Because before every first time, there's a whole lot of second guessing.

Tommy Hudson

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by LaurieElizabethFlynn