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By BeneditM
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Lexa is a writer. she's been in the TV industry for years and has gained a bit of a following. Clarke is an actress known for obnoxious action roles until she decides to go in a different direction for an up coming project. Clarke is drawn to the script about exploring sexuality and mental illness in a post apocalyptic world. Lexa is the main writer for the show, they cross paths when Clarke has a mental breakdown regarding the script. It hits a touchy subject ans she refuses to finish the scene. Lexa comes to set.. something shes never done. Clarke refuses to talk to anyone but the writer. At first there's hostility. Clarke can't believe a woman would write something like this. Lexa can't believe this two cent actress is being so unprofessional But Lexa being a writer she tries to dig up a reason as to why Clarke is being so harsh towards a fairly good plot twist. Clarke leaves. Months go by and they work around the script but the two have caught each others interest. Why is this actress so against her female lover dying in her arms.. Why is this author so for her re living the past. •Trigger warning, contains talk of mental illness and past self harm. Flashbacks contain accurate description of the feeling. Please, I beg of you.. Do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Your mental health comes first.

Chapter 1: Before

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Behind Th...
by BeneditM