Behind These Walls...
By littlemisspanic
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He stalked towards me, hunger in his once bright eyes, his body as rigid as a predator ready for the kill. With my back against the wall I searched for my escape, for even a glimmer of hope in this dark pit of hell; nothing. Here I was, face to face with what one can only describe as a raging psychopath, and all I could do was cower with my knees to my chest. In seconds a pressure wrapped its stinging presence around my throat, hoisting me from the floor until my tip-toes barely grazed the tile beneath me. Violently clawing at the fleshy fingers, I fought with every bit of strength I had. "I love it when you squirm. It makes it all the more thrilling." Hot breath caressed my ear, spilling the acidity of his words into my very core. "What happened to you?" I pleaded, trying to reach out to whatever part of the real him was still left. "Well, you see my dear, a lot of things can happen behind these walls." Cover designed by AnxietyAtTheBall, whom I absolutely love!


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Behind Th...
by littlemisspanic