Hybrid MacKenzie an...
By AndiChamberlain
  • Fantasy
  • boy
  • east
  • fantasy
  • hill
  • hybrid
  • mackenzie
  • north
  • people
  • pike
  • president
  • revolution
  • south
  • war
  • west
  • wind
  • wind-born
  • wizard


The opening prelude to my second novel. I shall be updating in chunks as I go along, episodically, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hybrid should not exist... Yet he may be our only hope to rebuilding this broken world. His parents were lost souls of a long and bitter war, from entirely different worlds, entirely different ways of life... Yet, fate brought them together and their love gifted them with Alexandr "Hybrid" MacKenzie - The Boy of the East and West winds. A Boy who-should-not-be alone in a land of darkness, mystery, villainy and lost hope. Joined by members of a long forgotten order of knights, a wizard who no longer believes in magic and the elusive and mysterious people on the hill, against the dread president Calvin Bagshaw, and his industrial army, intent on the final war to end all resistance to his new order. The boy who will grow to break or rebuild the world. The Wind-born boy.

The Storms Before the Calm - A Prelude

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Hybrid Ma...
by AndiChamberlain