The Noble Alpha (Bo...
By myworldnbooks
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(3/17 Highest Ranking #3) Ada has been abused and mistreated all her life. Ready to take control of her own life and to hopefully find a better one, she makes her escape to Colorado and runs into Alpha Gaige, her mate. Alpha Gaige is known as The Noble Alpha. He has always tried to do what's right instead of letting his animalistic side control him. Can he still be the noble one or will his wolf control him when he finally meets his mate, Ada? Can he show her and give her what she's been longing for or will her life continue to be a nightmare? After all, she is human and knows nothing about his world. "Remember when I growled and you asked if I did. Well, I did. At that little prick that was flirting with you. I know you saw my eyes change. That feeling you get when I touch you, that's the mates pull. You just don't know anything about it, but you will." The first story called The Noble Alpha on Wattpad! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DO NOT REPRODUCE ANY OF MY WORK OR THE TITTLE. (Started April 2016, Finished January 2017) Book cover by @randomsweetstuff

Chapter 1

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The Noble...
by myworldnbooks