A Deal For Life
By Tadashi922
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"A X O L O T L! My time has come to burn! I call upon the ancient powers, so that I may return!" ~Those were Bill Cipher's last words ever spoken until now.~ Bill Cipher has been awaken by a mysterious new dream demon, who has a thirst to take over the world. He makes a deal with Bill. Stating that he will bring back Bill forever only if Bill helps him with his dastardly plan. Bill being a deal making demon accepts. But when he is brought back he has, blonde hair and two eyes, and a human body.~ ~ Y/n is the Pine Twin's best friend from their home town. So when the Twin's go back to Gravity Falls for the summer, they bring along y/n. When they get to the mysterious town, they stay with their Grunkles, Stan and Ford. Who have came back from a adventure in the Arctic Ocean. Y/n is introduced to the strange residents of the backwards town. But what happens when a new face comes to the town of Gravity Falls, that happens to have bright yellow hair and a keen sense of style? ~ What will happen when Bill's and y/n's paths cross? Co-author: awesome262338

Chapter 1 Hello Gravity Falls

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A Deal Fo...
by Tadashi922