Dreams, Not So Roma...
By soulfulSAZ
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Highest ranking #1 in Spiritual uncountable times Alhumdulillah.. #2 in Spiritual 10 plus times Alhumdulillah. #3 in spiritual 10 plus times and counting.. Sarah, is a simple 22 year old muslim girl. She is shy, sweet and caring. She loves her family a lot and can do anything to everything for them. She is a practicing muslimah and loves her religion. She is ambitious, currently pursuing MBA and wants to become independent. But until the day when a marriage proposal comes and her dreams come to a halt. Yazan, 25 year old muslim guy is passionate about his work and has a business of his own. He is an introvert but is equally extrovert around the people he knows. He loves his religion and is a practicing muslim. He is being pressurised by his family for marriage but he is not ready until one day he comes to know that his parents had gone to some girls' house for his proposal. What will happen? Arrange marriage or will Sarah follow her dreams which will ultimately lead her to Yazan.. Read on to find out what destiny waits for them, and how they discover their love amidst all that happens in their lives.

Chapter 1

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Dreams, N...
by soulfulSAZ