School Of The Drago...
By goodygirl64
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Luna lives in a small town filled with magic. For the past 16 years she has grown up dreaming of becoming a dragon rider. Her father was once a dragon rider who was killed in an uprising before she was born. She now lives with her mom and two older twin siblings Tera and Jace. Every year 1 dragon rider scours the land in search of new magic wielders or possible dragon riders. After, they are sent to a school to enhance their skills. Now that Luna is 16 she will be tested to see if she has any magic or could be a dragon rider. What she finds out will surprise, scare, and excite her. Follow Luna on a journey of a lifetime. Will she become a dragon rider, a magic weilder? She knows she is special, but she doesn't know just how special she is.

Chapter 1 - The Choosing

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School Of...
by goodygirl64