Phantom Of Sexual N...
By QveenScarr
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Read The First Book Or You Will Be Lost! August twin Anthony comes back from disappearing to finding prey. Pashion Patricia's big sister who visits the couple and their son Andrew. At the epilouge pashion says that "Hey sis don't you have that feeling that you're being followed?" Which means August twin Anthony is back into the picture. He's much more evil, crueler, brutal, and hasn't loved before. How he was turned was a different story which y'all will find out. You thought Patricia went through hell, that was just how nice august was. But Anthony isn't going to be nice to her sister. She won't be able to wake up because that's how Anthony goes with his prey. Pashion is his permanent prey because he has lots of reasons. They known each other from back then which explains a lot.......... He won't fall for her or maybe he will..... She won't fall for him or maybe she will..... Patrica experienced cruelty, but Pashion is going to experience hell......... Excuse Mistakes!

Years ago

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Phantom O...
by QveenScarr