Special Kids or Jus...
By xoxomorgyxoxo
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Wautlers School for Speacialy Talented Students is taking on new students for the semester. Kaitlyn, a sixteen year old girl has been accepted. She has no idea what her talent is but her family will help her all along the way. Next is Alice, a fifteen year old girl who has been accepted early for her acceptional skills with lightening. Her father is very proud of her and she respects him highly. She knows she is powerfull and she is not afraid to demonstrate without mercy. Then comes a mysterious girl at the age of seventeen years who has struggled to come to this school. She knows her talent but thinks of it more as a curse. She has no one to help her transition into this school. Then of course there are the hot guys too! :D

Prologue: The Letter

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Special K...
by xoxomorgyxoxo