The Alphas' fragile...
By MissFujoshiSama
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  • fantasy
  • mpreg
  • romance
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Keisuke is an innocent small feminine looking asian boy with a rare animal blood. His parents are hiding him from something or someone that can bring harm to humanity. Ceasar and Lucas are twins. The future Oro-Alpha of the Silver Fire Pact, the pact of the continents and head of the one of the 3 alpha beings that roam middle earth. Strangely enough, they still haven't met their mate since they shifted to their rare wolf form. When you mix hungry Alphas to an innocent boy. What could possibly happen? This is a boy to boy action. There will (maybe) a LOT of action, and male pregnancy. If you're not comfortable with this kind of story kindly ignore it. If you're curious and wants to take a risk, go ahead. But if you're really into it, welcome to the club!

A Bit of History (1)

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The Alpha...
by MissFujoshiSama