Let's Hop Like Bunn...
By when_the_sun_dies
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15 year old Angel Crysthalma and his siblings need to get away from the house full of "inappropriate" noises. They get permission to go to their Uncle Jason's house after Angel and his twin Adrian embarrass the panties off their mommy. When they start talking with Uncle Jason, he asks them if they can help him out at the new cosplay cafe he wants to open up. When Jason's boyfriend Michael comes to visit shortly before the cafe opens, he brings along his little brat of a son, Andrew. Andrew (16 years old) is going to be attending Angel's school. He immediately takes interest in Angel and decides to win his heart by blackmailing his little ass. Will Angel dump him when it's all over or forever be his cosplaying bunny?

Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D

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Let's Hop...
by when_the_sun_dies