Married To My Posse...
By dewnidias
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"You are mine, do you understand that babe?" He gripped both my hands in a death grip. I can feel his hot breath near my jaw giving open kisses trailing towards my neck. Oh!! No this is a major turn on for me. Without me knowing a moan escaped my lips. What?? I am stars trucked. I looked at his smirking face. He knows the effect he has on me. ~~~~~~~ Annabelle Waters, an ordinary girl lived a happy life with her mom until she went to the job interview at Walkers Co Ltd which is a huge company and owns three quarter of New York City. Alexander Walkers, heir to the Walkers Co Ltd. An arrogont, rude, heartless jerk. What happens when Anabelle's and Alexender's worlds collide? Read to find out. This is me writing with so much passion . There can be so many grammar mistakes. As English is not my first language. If you don't like please don't read it, but if you like please let me know by voting and commenting. DO NOT PLAGIARISE MY WORK, BECAUSE THIS IS MY BLOOOD AND MY FLESH.

Chapter - 1

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Married T...
by dewnidias