A Mob Boss's Heirs...
By royal888
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Fiction Awards Winner in 2017 & Crystal Awards Winner 2016 Please read this book after Book 2: A Mob Boss's family but also this book does make sense on its own so you dont need to have read the previous books. This book is a story of a rivalery between Vincenzo Rosario and Tristan O'Neil from two different crime families. This is their early years in high school in the same classroom. They grow up together and their lives affected by the events that are out of their hands. Two future mob bosses in the making,.... Vincenzo is his father's son. He follows his father without a second thought. He has a dark side but he has a heart too just like his father. Join Vincenzo and other teenagers in their journey through their high school years as sons and daughters of criminals. They fight to live upto their families' expectations. They do cross paths with love . The sequels to this book are A Mob Boss's Territory and A Mob Boss's Dominance which are recommended to be read in parallel at the same time Cover by @shanteena

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A Mob Bos...
by royal888