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By ScreamBanshee
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Klaus Mikaelson has no remorse, no regret, and no humanity. Klaus is the original hybrid the most feared of them all, he's truly immortal of course besides white oak but that was burned to ash. He came to Mystic Falls last summer breaking the curse that was placed a upon him doing so he took Stefan Salvatore - the ripper, along with him on his hunt for werewolves to turn into hybrids. But now that they are back in town causing more trouble, Stefan without his humanity seeking revenge on Klaus even if that's putting everyone else in harms way, Damon Salvatore calls for back up. Damon calls his little sister, Lydia to help with the Original family and their brother. But when Lydia got to town she didn't know what to expect, she surely didn't expect to meet her soulmate, a ruthless killer, Klaus Mikaelson. {cover by glberts} { UNDER CONSTRUCTION & EDITING }

1 | ❝your teen spirit sucks❞

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by ScreamBanshee