What do I do, My Al...
By SoNerdy
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We have always been together, since we were born, we spent every waking moment together, the only time we were ever truly apart was the seven days he was alive before I was born. We were exactly a week apart from each other age wise; he was only a week older than me; but oh boy was he bigger than me. In every aspect of the word my best friend was much bigger than me. He had, at least, a good seven inches on me height wise, and where I had the body of a swimmer he had the body of a quarterback. When we hold hands his engulf mine fully, his feet were a size 12 and mine was 8 on a good day. I was a small in clothes and he a large due to all the muscle. That never stopped me from stealing his shirts and sweaters though, the fact they were bigger just made it so much more comfy. He was my person, my protector, my best friend. Being so tiny, I got picked on a lot and whenever that happened, Axel was always there to tell everyone to back off, he kept everyone at a distance from me. He was so protective, and I loved it; when we were younger. Now at 17 almost 18, we are almost ready to take over the pack as Alpha and Beta, almost ready to find our mates, and Axel's as protective as ever. Over protective. I'm a future Beta and I can take care of myself, I will have to take care of myself; and my mate too. I can't have my Alpha fussing over me whenever I get picked on, or freaking out when I get hurt. I can't let Axel fuss over me, when he will have a Luna and a pack to fuss over soon, so it's time to grow up and stand for myself; not let Axel take care of all my problems. I'm the future Beta, Demetri Acrí I have to start fighting for myself; I can't hide behind my Alpha forever, can I?


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What do I...
by SoNerdy