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#19 in Mystery / Thriller (11/12/2016) Daniel meets Tiara, the perfect girl; he was mesmerized by her beauty. But she had a baby in her arms and she was blind. In search of her husband Darien who had gone missing, Tiara soon lands in Daniel's house and befriends his family and his fiancée, Narissa. Darien, oh how Tiara longs to disappear into his arms. But where was he? Would she ever find him? Was he dead or alive or standing right by her side? Then, there was Raymond; Tiara seemed to be scared of him, yet Narissa spoke about him with respect. But the moment Daniel meets Raymond for the first time, he could see Raymond loathed him. And a sharp pain at the back of his head transports him to a deserted road where he lies hurt, pining about his wife, Tiara and their unborn child. Who was Daniel actually? Cast: Suriya as Daniel Sorrens / Darien Caruso Asin as Tiara Qaleesya Baby Yuvina Parthavi as Mila Amylia Pranitha as Narissa Eliza Neil Nitin Mukesh as Raymond Caruso Enjoy this story and please do vote and give your comments as you read this story. I really hope you like it. :) Thanks to my friend @likhitha9 for the beautiful cover. Thanks to my friend @kzainab498 for some of the beautiful banners inside. :) ~INSPIRED FROM TAMIL MOVIES! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK~


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