The Undying Tale of...
By labyrinthofsunshine
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Some love stories have the fate to become completed, some don't. Some get the chance to have a fairytale, some have to make peace with tragedy. Some are meant to stay for eternity, some have forever that last only a day. Not all love stories are same, not all lovers have the same fate. This is the story of a young couple, who fell in love at a very tender age. With their age, their love evolved as well, which neither the society supported nor did their own fates. The boy wanted to join Army, the girl wanted to get married. Neither was possible while the other was craved. So the only option was to breakup, and they went ahead with it. But did they ever became one, or was their story just another example of uncompleted love... Read on to know! ;) #407 in Short Story (03-05-2016) #388 in Short Story (04-05-2016) #384 in Short Story (05-05-2016) Copyright © Mauli Singh 2016 ©All Rights Reserved

The Undying Tale of Love

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The Undyi...
by labyrinthofsunshine