Wishing I Could Sav...
By Crisann1976
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This is Book 1 in the My Shadowed Life Series. It's the story of 20 year old Trinity Soteris who lives a tragic and horrendous life. She has virtually no friends, by her own choosing and no one to count on to pull her through the tragic circumstances in her life. When an overbearing stranger comes into the mix, will she finally let someone into her life? Will she learn to be honest and to love herself again? Only time will tell. It may seem a little cliché, but her story is full of surprises, laughs, love and tears. This is the very dramatic story of a girl who wishes she could save herself from a life of pain and misery. A life that she despises.

Wishing I Could Save Myself from a Life I Despise: Prologue

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Wishing I...
by Crisann1976