If The Duke Desires...
By HathorRao
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What happens when the spoiled and incredibly sexy future Duke of Angelford tricks an incredibly ambitious and wild African-American law student into dating him? Hervé is convinced it's just what he needs to get his parents off his back about marrying and settling down, but Sadie is nowhere near as harmless as he thinks she is. If the Duke desires, Sparks start fires... **************************************************************************************************** She is going to be perfect for this! She's walked out of a class that isn't through! Told me I need indicators attached to my ears and doesn't even thank me for picking her papers up! Sadie! Her name is Sadie! 'What's wrong with how you look? I think it's fetching.' I announce as she starts to walk away. Eliciting no response from her I follow her, taking her elbow unconventionally 'I feel really bad about bumping into you like that. Maybe I should drop you in town. I have an appointment there too.' I announce as she stares at her elbow like she is about to do something eccentric like slap the wits out of me. I hold my turf though. It should be worth it! She looks from my hand clutching at her elbow to my face, her temper a tad doused by the dominance of my height I suppose, or maybe the irritating tanzanite of my eyes; I'm not sure which. 'What do you drive?' she inquires as if to gauge her response from my own 'a Bentley.' I announce. She smiles 'a car?' she pries 'a car.' I confirm 'I guess that's as good as anything.' She shrugs freeing her elbow 'is that disappointment or a recompense for my bumping into you so ungraciously?' I inquire lightly, finding it intriguing that she hadn't flinched at the sound of Bentley as most women had before 'are those the terms for having an opinion?' she replies handing me her files like I was Hughes! 'I'm Herve by the way.' I introduce myself 'Sadie.' She says with a smile


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If The Du...
by HathorRao