To the End (James N...
By Dreamer0227
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Rose Kearney has never found a man who could steal her heart, and her family just doesn't understand it. In her little village in Ireland people expect you to be settled down and starting a family by the time you hit her age, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards for her. That is until she finds a diary washed up on the shore outside her home. It belongs to a man named James Norrington, who has spent his life serving the British Royal Navy, and with each word she falls farther and farther in love with him. She decides to run away from home, off to find him, but when she learns of his fate her heart is broken. Now in a desperate attempt to save him from Davey Jone's locker she searches for Jack Sparrow and for his help. She will do anything to save this man because she knows if she can't she'll remain alone forever.

To the End: Chapter One (James Norrington)

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To the En...
by Dreamer0227