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By KarenSampson
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My opinion on some watt pad stories!! I have to say this loudly so please listen!!!! THIS IS MY OPINION!!! ALL STORIES I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT WILL EITHER BE PRAISED OR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!!! I understand that writing takes courage, loyalty, and love for writing so as I write my opinions keep in mind that I love all of the effort and I am only trying to state criticism like an editor would!! I won't bash any stories completely just give honest assessment of story, of writing style and of things I see could be worked on by writer! I am no one but an avid reader so I appreciate all stories read but some as I'll state are par for the course and others well although enjoyed need construction! I know no one has asked me to give my opinion but I must give props and well sometimes I just want to say hey if this is different the book would be great!! Well you get me!! I have no hate for any but I love some!! If you do want me to read and critic it send me a message in here it will go!


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Book Revi...
by KarenSampson