Dangerously Irresis...
By infinityskylines662
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Sean Andrés is dangerous and uncaring, an Italian assassin for the Mafia. He believes love isn't real and that people like him don't get happy endings. Until he meets her. Rosella Taylor. A beautiful but cynical and damaged orphan runaway with a dismal past. She gets nothing she wants. And love? She's given up in believing in love, it's just heartbreak and tears and happy endings only happen in clichéd novels. When these two lives collide one fateful night at a club, the pair's lives are turned upside down. Sean is enraptured by the sarcastic spitfire that is Rose, despite his best efforts not to be and suddenly, winning her heart seems to be his top priority. But with tormented pasts, old, destructive habits, criminal organizations and Rose's fear for love and her wariness of him, Sean getting his happy ending might not be possible. * She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, there was no doubt about that. Everything about her drew me in. Her luscious hair, kissable lips, and her eyes! Those amber flames that pulled me in and burned me, sweetly torturing me. To say she was mesmerizing would be an understatement but as there are no words in the dictionary fit enough to describe her beauty, that is what I'll use. She was both a sinner and a saint, flawed yet somehow those flaws made her perfect. A creation of god meant only and solely for me. My other half. The missing part of my heart if not all of it. And it was that fact that made her so irresistible yet so dangerous. The fact that she could make me fall so hard in love that it would destroy me. She was dangerously irresistible. * Current cover by: @bullethood Dangerously Irresistible. Copyright © 2016 by @InfinitySkylines662. All Rights Reserved.


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