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There's always that popular group in highschool. Sometimes males-Sometimes females. In this case, it's females and we all know how females can be. Emma Nolan is the head bitch in charge (HBIC- and best friend, 'Gina is second in command) Her daddy is rich, which means instant popularity. Everyone knows the Swan. She's usually the topic of every morning conversation. Unless you don't like your life, don't get in her way, or else. Then there's always that one loner kid who has no friends but is smart and that's all that matters to them. They just want to get through the hell hole that is highschool. Usually it's 9 months of utter torture. Killian Jones is that kid. A nobody- looks, he couldn't care less. Never had a social status. . .ever and it's probably safe to say he never will. He's never been the topic of anyone's morning, lunch and/or dinner conversation. Hell, the only people to give him the time of day are the lunch ladies and his very loving parents but who ever counts them? Not him, of course but he doesn't go to school to make friends anyway. Don't they say opposites attract? Populars and Nobodys are polar opposites, nothing in common- and even if they did one would deny it indefinitely. Can you blame them? Highschool is the place where you set yourself up for your future; they can't do anything that comes close to messing that up. Unwillingly put together for a melancholy, miscellaneous project, turns into partners for the rest of the school year. Their immediate thoughts of each other would instinctively be something profane, right? Correct! She wants nothing to do with him and he wants nothing to do with her but it's only for so long you can keep up the act of superlatively disliking someone's enthralling presence before you dig deeper and find out why their presence is so enthralling. And then... how can you bring yourself to stay away?


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by HookdOnCaptainSwan