The Hidden Twin Sis...
By Amazedbybeauty03
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Power needs to be controlled, in order to use it, one must learn how to control it... Bonfilia Calandra, born with three arcana cards, the #3- the empress, the #15- the devil and the last hidden card that her father Mondo and her mother Sumire haven't told the rest, the #22 the destroyer or rather the end of the world, She was raised in a small palace located at the top of the mountain, there, she grow up to be the princess of her own, with the five arcana users protecting her and the servants taking care of her, yet even with those, Bonfilia isn't satisfied, Wanting to see what's below and longing to see her family, she trained to control her power, ****and now, years passed, what would happen if mondo suddenly reveal that felicita has a twin?, how will the arcana famiglia react to this sudden news?? **** (I'm not really good in giving summaries, tehee:3.. I'm not the owner of the la storia Della arcana famiglia story, this is just a fanfic and the fruit of my emagination:3)

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The Hidde...
by Amazedbybeauty03