Game On (A Frat Boy...
By FindingOswald
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"Who's that?" I asked, my eyes glued to the blonde boy currently letting his eyes roam over the sweaty bodies of the girls out on the dance floor, the corners of his lips curling as his tongue darted out to run over them before sliding his shades over his eyes. "Who? Him?" She moved her chin into his direction and I nodded. "That's Niall Horan. The biggest heartbreaker on Campus...." She continued to talk but I zoned out. The light settings had switched to strobe, and his eyes were able to be seen with each burst of white even with the black lenses of his glasses. My mind filled with thoughts about him. The Heartbreaker...This party was probably just a setup so he could pick his next victim. The poor innocent girl he'd seduce and fool. Even if his attempts failed, she wouldn't be able to leave this house until she gave in to him. And if she did, that itself would be disastrous for her. Either way, the girl he'd choose would be fucked. No pun intended. "Chloe!" Candace hissed into my ear, gripping my arm. "Didn't you hear me?!" The alarm in her whispering was thick. "Chloe, you need to get out of here. He's staring at you. He's choosing you!" My eyes widened in alarm as they darted over to Niall, their attention on his right hand which was swaying dangerously close to his side before it made another movement. He lifted it slightly and it came down softly on his thigh. One pat.. Then again. Two pats. Oh, God. Three and its over for me. His hand slowly lifted once more-. Rated M for mature content and language. COPYRIGHT 2013- @FindingOswald

Game On (A Frat Boy Niall fanfic)

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Game On (...
by FindingOswald