Please Not Again (J...
By kimmyann123
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Josh lost his mom and was left with his pathetic excuse as a father. His father is gay and gains pleasure from seeing people in pain. Josh's father wants Josh to be just like him, a heartless rapist. Josh also gets abuse occasionally by his father for not being a "man" like his father wants. Josh is best friends with Sophie. Sophie also lost her mom and was left with her dad that's always out drinking leaving her home alone. Sophie at a young age was raped by her father which to this day making her self conscious of guys, yelling, and dead silence. Josh and Sophie go everywhere together. But Josh is considered cool but Sophie isn't. Sophie's only friend is Josh. Sophie is openly lesbian but still provides Josh with occasional affection. Josh has the biggest crush on Sophie but is held back by her sexual orientation . Josh's father wants Josh to prove his manliness by raping Sophie. What will Josh do? Will Josh becoming manly like his father wants? Or will Josh take the hits and protect Sophie?


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Please No...
by kimmyann123