Hades |Lesbian Vers...
By Svetaivanova
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| A Wattpad Featured Story | Hades was well-cast to rule over the land of the dead. But what if Hades, the fearsome monarch of the Underworld was, in fact, a goddess? Everyone called her, 'Lord of the Dead' out of mockery since she prefers the company of women. She was considered an isolated and violent immortal, who loathed change and was easily given to a slow black rage like no others. But then everything changed when the dark goddess met the daughter of Demeter, Persephone. Now the tale of Hades and Persephone will be retold with a sprinkle of twists and turns. |LGBT content. Gender-swapped. I do not own the Greek myth, which goes without saying. All characters are borrowed and the story-line is recreated for entertainment purpose only.|

Chapter 1: The Favorite Daughter

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Hades |Le...
by Svetaivanova