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{{Watty Award winner-"The Breakthroughs"- 2017!}} "Theo and I have been together for one hundred and fifteen years. You and your best friend have matching tattoos? Cute. My best friend and I have matching emotional trauma from every time we've had to leave people we'd grown to love behind. And also from when handlebar mustaches were in vogue. Hipsters, I beg you, let that go. It was bad then, and it's worse now." Lydia and Theo have been friends practically forever. For more than a century, they've managed their lives just fine. Until recently, they've done everything in secret, everything in the shadows; simply starting over when things came into the light that shouldn't. Thirty years ago they found Anna on the verge of turning and since then it's been just the three of them. They've never needed anyone else. Sure, there have been lovers here and there, one night stands, and the occasional boyfriend or girlfriend, but at the end of the day (or night), three was the magic number. Lydia's most recent relationship, with the beautiful but cold Amara didn't end well, Anna was unattached (for now), and Theo...Theo had never been much for spending more than one night with anyone. Until there was Daniel. And it turns out he'll be around for awhile. Complications arise, and this time, there's no running from them. Somebody is leaving a trail of bodies. Anna finds herself at the center of some very unwanted attention. Nobody is as human as they pretend to be- -and there's more than one way for blood to make a family. Co-authored by the amazing @FranklyMisterS {{Featured story summer 2017}} Cover by the fantastic @Bluebell84 YouTube trailer: Please note: M/M and F/F, some mature content (M/M and F/F scenes), death/murder, blood, blood, and blood. This is NOT a teen/YA novel. It's marked mature for a reason.


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