Don't Disobey Daddy...
By The_One_And_Only__
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"This is inappropriate, you're my best friend's father" I whisper, he just pushes himself against me. His lips grazing my ear, his hot breath sending chills down my spine. "Then why aren't you leaving?" he whispers. I look at him, and he has an eyebrow quirked. ==== Niall's living situation isn't something he is very pleased with, his Father left him when he was 6. His mom died when he was 12, and he has been living with his homophobic Aunt and Uncle, who keep him on a tight lease. Until he meets Quinn, who steps into Niall's life like Wonder Women and Immediately asks for him to move in. Quinn's Father is a very important business man, and is rarely home. He would care less if Niall stayed at their luxurious home in the Hamptons. But Quinn's Father a very handsome man, has some rules that they have to abide by. 1. Curfew is at 8 and if you're out passed 9. your Doors lock at 9:30. 2. Do not enter his office unless asked to. 3. Do not talk back him. 4. No cursing. 5. No boys in the house after 6. And last, Don't Disobey Daddy.

Don't Disobey Daddy

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Don't Dis...
by The_One_And_Only__