Dark Skinned: Somet...
By Fanesto
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•Rated R• I'm Sandra Brooks. Yes...I'm black, but sometimes I feel like a log ready to get used. Sometimes I feel like a road, always available to run over. I also feel like a dummy, being put to the test and in pain, but not being able to saying nothing about it, because that's what I'm put to do...be a dummy. I am Sandra Brooks, the log...road...and dummy. You'll wonder why I feel this kind of feeling, well its not hard to explain. Just one word would bring you to my side, real quick. School The 6 lettered devil... I love to learn and study, but the people in a school are my weaknesses. I try to act chill, I swear I do. Its just...chill isn't my style. As I explain my life to you, hear me out. I know I might be overreacting, but is there anything else to do. I'm Sandra Brooks, the log, road, and dummy... You will wonder how I feel this way...


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Dark Skin...
by Fanesto